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STILL ON FIRE! - A remarkable true story of faith, family, friends, fortitude, and FORGIVENESS!  Delbert McCoy is a divine miracle, who was never expected to live, after erupting into a human fireball in 1969.

At age 19, Delbert experienced one of mankind’s greatest horrors—being burned alive. Delbert battled for his life during 893 days of incomprehensible and grueling rehabilitation.  Overcoming astronomical odds, he is healed in both body and soul. Thousands of people have been changed forever because of his courage and determination...


Delbert McCoy is quickly becoming one of the most sought after inspirational speakers in the country with his unforgettable and life-altering message. 

He survived incalculable odds... Endured 108 surgeries... Was given his last rites... Died 3 times...Spent 6 months in the Intensive Care Unit... Hospitalized for 893 days... 
Still on Fire is a spiritually powerful and remarkably life-transforming book that will positively impact you forever. It is destined to become an inspirational classic.God bless, The Publisher, Victory Entertainment

I've long ceased being a victim. Even though the physical scars are forever, the emotional ones have healed. Whenever I was depressed or feeling sorry for myself, I recalled how Jesus was nailed to the cross. I knew I was no better than him, and my suffering was no worse than his. It was through faith in God and our Savior that I survived. Together, with the help of my family and friends, I’ve accepted my limitations and have become a better person...

"That night will never leave my memory. When Delbert was injured we didn’t have the things that were necessary to take care of burn patients. Delbert sets a wonderful example to anyone who is severely burned and who wonders how, and if, he is ever going to be normal.  It is a life that is difficult, and it is a life that is challenging."

Dr. Thomas Grifka, Detroit Receiving Hospital, Trauma Surgeon